Environmental rule-making in Europe and the resulting legislation and standards have changed significantly over the past four decades. Merely focusing on curbing emissions from point sources is no longer considered sufficient. Increasing attention to life-cycle impact now requieres more complex solutions. Often, European rules become de facto global standards.

The legislative process itself is now accompanied by thorough and mandatory cost and impact assessments, and frequent stakeholder consultation. Industry, science and stakeholders in general have little option but to communicate, consult and cooperate with one another. This is creating new challenges for everyone.

On the other hand, complying with existing legislation usualy generates costs and is a potential source of liability if not done properly. Some companies see it as an opportunity for assuming their responsibilities to society. And it can create distinct competitive advantages if tackled early and innovatively.
Pollet Environmental Consulting has been established to provide high-quality advice on issues where legislative and public affairs interact with technically complex environmental problems. The firm is run by Kris Pollet, who has built up substantial experience in tackling such issues. Mr Pollet has worked at the European Commision and as political advisor to two UK Members of the European Parliament. He provided public affairs and lobbying advice in a boutique EU law firm, and subsequently in a global law firm, where he focused exclusively on EU environment law and policy and built up and steered a thriving practice.
Pollet Environmental Consulting advises on a wide variety of issues, including:
  • electronic waste and restrictions on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment
  • eco-design and energy efficiency
  • disputes on classification and labelling of hazardous substances
  • emissions trading
  • end of life vehicles waste
  • car emissions and fuel quality
  • voluntary agreements (including on CO2)
  • batteries waste
  • packaging and packaging waste
  • mining waste
  • environmental liability
  • environmental permits
  • prevention of major accident hazards
  • carbon footprinting
Pollet is regularly invited to speak on these issues at conferences in Asia, the US and Europe.

Pollet Environmental Consulting works with collaborators who have an excellent track record in their respective fields of expertise. The firm has developed a network of strategic partners in the markets where its clients are active.

Kris Pollet and Pollet Environmental Consulting are advising multinationals, SMEs, national governments and trade associations, including :

Japan Business Council in Europe; Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute; Toyota; Panasonic; Sony; Levi Strauss; Invista; First Solar; Korea Electronics Association; Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration, Research In Motion.

The firm's offices are located just around the corner from the European Commission's headquarters and the Council of Ministers building and only a stone's throw from the European Parliament.

Pollet Environmental Consulting
can be contacted at:

Grauwmeer 1

Tel :
+32 16 66 14 22
+32 476 280 536